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Nimming Ned
Nimming Ned Folk Band

About Nimming Ned

In a dimly lit backstreet somewhere in old England,the mist settles on a quiet city scene. A figure of some distinction shuffles awkwardly through the cold night air, his beady eyes focus upon a small group of players standing cautiously across the way." Who is this character?" they mutter nervously to themselves, already aware of his imposing presence. His keen ears pick up their comment immediately...he turns toward them his voice penetrating the stillness and states..."The name is Nimming Ned to you my fine friends, Thief, Vagabond, Opportunist and Storyteller. Want to know more? Then listen up !! Something has started.........

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What the Nedlings say

We came to see you at the Robin Hood Beer Festival the other week and thought you were amazing! I've not been able to stop humming Elsie Mo since, it's a beautiful song, i love your voice and energy and will be asking Father Christmas for a copy of your album!
Thanks for such a great, fresh, english, folk performance!

Hi Neds, It was really nice to meet you at RABF worn your cd out on the way back home, Top weekend and you made it special, hope to catch you again soon. Cheers – Wayne and Karen
Loved your set at Hose - thought you were a most entertaining act - I will come to see you again definitely - my favourite lyric of the afternoon "Wheelbarrow passing by the front of the stage" - very spontaneous!! My face ached with laughing - the music was great !! – Bridget
Loved the set at Mayfest, top stuff chaps!! Enjoyed the banter (t'was me who did the Simpsons impression) :) Hope to catch you again sometime. – Addie
Nimming Ned Rogues Neddlings
Me and my friends saw you in Nottingham square today. Personally I think you rock! You’re officially my new fave band and thanks loads for the badges. You rock my socks off! From Georgia
Loved your set at Alchemy. Fantastic audience participation
Nimming Ned Friends
From The Meekster gal: Hey guys, just returned from seeing you at the rock and bike fest, and i just had to thank you for the CD again, and tell you how cool you were, your music was fun and entertaining, with excitement thrown in, I loved the Hermit, thought provoking lyrics and the way you perform on stage is great. A brilliant set that made me grin for the entire duration, nice one, and thanks :-) will see you again for sure, good luck with your future gigs.... gal in the blue hat that talked lots! ha ha! Xxx

The neds were an absolute joy!!, became a convert there & then. Keep on making delightful music & banter, the whole country should be nedded.
Nimming Ned Rogues Neddlings
You guys were one of our favourite acts at the festival, along with the Oysterband and Billy Bragg, so that’s saying something!!!!
I saw you guys at the Big Session, and you were great!  I loved Mr Blood :D  The only bad weren't on for long enough!!!
Well played last night! You always lift my spirits! Think I saw the 'Crow Man' on my walk home!
Downloaded and listening to the current duo - quality music!
Saw you at Rock and Bike show last weekend. Brilliant it was, absolutely brilliant. My favourite band of the whole fest. It was my little lads and girls who were at the front enjoying themselves. I was vastly immpressed at the way you even stopped swearing for them - a courtesy all too seldom done in these times. Compared to the run of the mill wannabe Metal types and has been comeback bands - you were a breath of fresh air or a fresh-drawn pint of ale - take yer pick. Hope to see you perform again soon. - Al

There is just so much great talent - why haven't I heard them before.
Nimming Ned Rogues Neddlings
I like to hear Mr Blood again & again haha!!
Hey Guys! Great set last night! You never fail to put a smile on my face!
Glad I chose Rock and Bike this year instead of Cropredy - Fairport - PAH ! Nimming Ned Rock!!!!
Glass Half Full (or is it empty) is my favourite; I love it...great lyrics, chunky bass attack. Well in!

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